Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summertime Girl.

sherbert shorts and bike

Finals next week means that summer break is right around the corner. Summer is one of the best times of the year packed with sunshine, vacations, popsicles, and countless adventures. For a fabulous summer, there are a few essentials no girl should be without...

1. A fresh manicure- bright and bold or neutral and sparkly... a fresh coat on your nails is a must.
glitter mani

2. Colored denim- brights or pastels... you've got to get some.
pink jeans

royal, turquoise, and peach jeans

mint jeans

3. Hair ties and head bands- in every color... this is the best way to have cute hair that beats the heat.
hair tie


4. Summer shoes- a pair of fun wedges and metallic sandals... you can wear them all season and with anything.
turquoise wedge

silver and gold sandals

5. An easy dress- perfect to dress up or down... wear it around town or on summer vacay at the beach.
lime kj

bold akp

Get your summer essentials at Ellie. Shop our stores, call us, and order online or through Facebook.

Big store: 334-887-4226
Shoe store: 334-887-0008


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Color Connection- Peach.

LC peach

Currently obsessed with peach. Feminine and fresh, it's the perfect color for spring. With so many hues, there's a shade that's perfect for everyone. We're inspired... are you?

peach balloons

peach dress 2

peach bouquet

peach nails

peach ice cream

peach dress

peach car

peach skirt


peach heels

peach floral

peach pears

peach peacock

peach trees

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gameday Guru.


In the South, you always hear "football is a way of life" and we can't argue with that. In fact, girls in the South go crazy about what to wear each Saturday to the games. This week as we are looking forward to the spring football preview and A-Day game, we can't help but get excited about cute, gameday wear. So we decided to have a little spring preview of our own...


tie front color block

sleeveless white


strapless colorblock

These are just a few of our new, orange and blue, spring arrivals. Shop online or in our store for the perfect gameday look, whether it's for the spring game or just to get a head start for the fall. Oh, and WAR EAGLE.




Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hip Hop.

easter bunny

Soft fluffy bunnies, candy, a basket full of eggs, and airy pastel colors are just a few of the reasons we love Easter. Since a new Easter dress is always on every girl's brain, we decided to provide you with a little inspiration from some great Easter looks at our store...





And okay... while these probably won't cut it for Sunday morning, they're definitely the perfect little piece to feel fresh and festive over the holiday weekend and we are obsessed.

With Easter being right around the corner, the Ellie Girls decided to take a little field trip to the nail salon. Just in time to have pretty, painted, and colorful toes for this weekend.


Happy Easter from everyone at Ellie.