Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making The Transition

As cooler weather approaches we are hanging by a thread for cooler autumn nights, a simple cool breeze, and a break from this summers heat and rain. When you make the transition from summer to fall there are a few key pieces to keep in mind: you can wear your favorite summer looks, just make it fall appropriate with the right color combinations and accessories. Your favorite summer shorts can instantly become fall appropriate with a slouchy sweater and chunky gold accessories. A new pair of skinny jeans (or your old time favorites) become transition appropriate with a cool fall hue such as plum. When thinking of how to dress for this time of the year, remember that in order to still stay cool in the summer heat without looking like you are headed to the beach, think about your colors, accessories and shoes. Pair long sleeve or quarter length sleeve tops with shorts, pair skinny jeans with tanks, and wear maxi skirts with loose and easy to breathe in fabrics. Fall is quickly approaching and we are holding our breath for the perfect autumn nights.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Game Day Kickoff At Ellie Shoe Boutique

When you think game day in Auburn, AL you immediately think orange and blue. We feel as though the perfect game day look can make your tailgating experience that much better. Football fans in the south do it big, and you have to look the part. Whether you love football or not, we know you will love these looks. Here's a few looks we have at one of our stores in Auburn-Ellie Shoe Boutique. 

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

In Tip Top Shape

 In order to stay in "tip top shape" on the wardrobe front, you need to be armed with cute, versatile pieces that can be worn from day to night. Tops that can easily be transitioned from summer into fall and pieces that are perfect with jeans, shorts, skirts, or pants- all reasons why you need to invest in a few key tops that you'll wear time and time again. It's time to get that closet into shape! We can help you out. 
All looks can be shipped right to your doorstep: 
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Short Story

The fact of the matter is this: it's hot. Too hot for pants, too hot for sleeves. If you live almost anywhere in the US, you have a major heat wave going on at the moment. We understand - we're in Alabama. Seriously though, shorts are a summer staple and if for no other reason that this: they keep you cool and stylish. Accessorize with a wedge for night, with loads of bangles, necklaces, mix colors and prints. The options are endless. What we love are the array of styles that are hitting the shorts scene lately: cut offs, high waist, silky, lace, color, print, and we're obsessing over ALL OF THEM! 

If you haven't already, get yourself in on the trend. Here's how we love to style some of our favorite new arrivals in the shorts department. Enjoy! 

Available at Ellie Boutique

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ready For A Romp

We're ready for a romp around town. Throw on one of these cute new rompers with jewelry and a wedge, and you'll be ready too. A romper is a great way to incorporate some fun into your wardrobe. Dress it up or down - it's up to you! With day wear any of these with fun sandals, loads of bangles, and a cross body purse. For night throw on a pair of wedges and a statement necklace to dress it up. 

All available at Ellie Boutique

Saturday, July 6, 2013


A new dress makes everything better -almost. Happiness is finding the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion. We love nothing more than to help you find your happiness in your clothing. When you wear a new outfit, for whatever the occasion, we want to make you feel pretty, special, and perfect.

Enjoy these new goodies...

They are divine.

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All shoes available at Ellie Shoe Boutique

Happy Day!!! XOXO

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pretty In Peplum.

If you've noticed a new trend in stores and on your favorite reality fashion series, it might very well be PEPLUM.
This look might be new to you, but the year twenty-thirteen isn't its first go-round. This trend can be traced back all the way to Ancient Greek women AND men!

The official definition for peplum is:

                        1. A short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a
                            woman's  jacket, dress, or blouse. 
                        2. In Ancient Greece, a woman's outer garment. 

Don't worry, this flattering look didn't go away after Socrates retired his peplum...it has lasted throughout some of history's greatest and most fashion forward generations. 

Although this feels like a new trend, peplum allows us all the chance to dress in vintage without paying the price! We love peplum on tops and dresses, sporting big ruffles or small. 

While this is a fun trend, it is sometimes hard to find just the right style of peplum for your body type. 

To balance your shape and hips and help slim your silhouette, choose a peplum that is shorter and adds flirty volume.

To add curves and create an hourglass shape, choose a dress with a peplum on the sides with a tight-fitted bodice.

To camouflage with your peplum, choose one that is longer and lays flat over problem areas. 

You can pair your favorite peplum tops with skinny jeans or pencil skirts for the look of your choice! Just take notes from some of our favorite celebs rocking this timeless trend!

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Ellie Boutique
Ellie Crimson

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trendy to the MAX.

As the days get longer and the nights get warmer, we are FINALLY seeing signs that Summer is on its way. We are ecstatic to usher in the one season of the year that bodes an airy, easy way of dressing. 
Who are we kidding...there is just something about the warm, breezy weather that makes us raid our closets for that "just off the beach" look. 

For all you fashionistas with Summer fever, we have just the look for you....


Could there be a more perfectly inclusive item for your Summer wardrobe?

We love this look for the Summer, and so do the designers! The long-wearing (pun intended) trend is hitting the runways recently, and we just can't get enough! 

Just because you are wearing a maxi, don't forget to be fabulous with your shoes as well! You can dress your outfit up with some darling wedges...

OR keep it beachy with some comfy flats or flip-flops....

Regardless of how you wear your new maxi, we encourage you to make it your own! Accessorize with pieces that you love, and pair it with shoes that fit the occasion. No matter what look you choose, we guarantee you'll be 'trendy to the MAX!!'

For all of these looks and more, visit us at Ellie Boutique in Auburn or Ellie Crimson in Tuscaloosa.