Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minted to Perfection.

Helloooo mint!!

No, we aren't talking about your favorite flavor of ice cream at Marble Slab, or the delicious candies we  treat ourselves to after a meal at Olive Garden, but instead, we are referring to our new favorite color.

  If you have picked up a magazine while waiting in line at Wal Mart or so much as walked past a clothing store window, you have probably noticed a lovely light shade of green we like to call mint.  

This color is EVERYWHERE this Spring, and it is safe to say that mint is this season's black. And we can't complain! Here at Ellie we can't get enough of this pretty pairs perfectly with other Spring colors including lavender, coral, and pale yellow, and what's more, it looks great on any skin tone! 
At Ellie, we have an array of dresses that are a perfect minty hue--whether you like solids...


              ......color block

Or if you'd rather have your mint on a top, we have plenty of looks for you!  

 We even have just the right mint accessories to vamp up any Spring outfit! 

Whatever minty look you decide to flaunt, Ellie can have you looking like a celeb in no time! 

For all of these looks and many more, come in to Ellie Boutique or visit our Facebook page to get more connected!