Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nude: The New Black!

Ever have a hard time trying to pair shoes with an outfit, your usual go to black or brown ones just don't seem to be cutting it? Well the answer is NUDE! Nude is such a great neutral that will go with anything, literally! We have a lot of options at our shoe store right now for the hott new trend!

All the stars are loving the nude pumps to, you can wear them casually or all the way to formal!

Michael Kors $195.00

Same look at Ellie Shoe ONLY $39.70!!

GUCCI $875.00

Same look at Ellie Shoe ONLY $42.70

Come by Ellie Shoe today and get your designer look for only a fraction of the price!! This is only a sneak peak of our nude collection we have over 10 pairs! From dressy pumps, wedges to cute flats! See you soon :)

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