Thursday, July 7, 2011

Color Blocking Made Easy!

Feeling dull? Spice up your day with color! Color blocking is an easy way to add a burst of color and excitement to your outfit. Here is a few tips on how to bring the color block trend you see on the runway to your everyday wardrobe with very little effort at all.

Tip #1: You don't have to be bold to color block. Use darker shades like black, gray, nude, or brown to give off the same effect, just toned down.

Tip #2: Just beginning? Try a neutral color dress paired with a cute, brightly colored wedge and accessories to match.

Tip #3: If you're feeling a little more outgoing, try pairing multiple bright colors, but make sure they compliment each other.

Tip #4: If you're not sure how to pair the right colors together, buy a dress that is color blocked for you. You're sure to make a statement with a dress like the one below.

Tip #5: Wearing two shades of the same color can be a simple way to make a statement while still keeping it elegant. This dress puts two shades of pink together very nicely and would be perfect to get yourself noticed at a cocktail party or any social event.

Tip #6: Use accessories like a necklace or clutch to color block your outfit for date night. Add a cute pair of nude heels to polish off your look.

Tip #7: Incorporate a neutral color, a bright color, and a bold color for a cute everyday look.

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