Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Neutral.

neutral scarf

It's the beginning of Decemeber and that can only mean two things... the traffic is terrible as the Christmas shopping madness has begun, and brown, black, and gray have taken on their role as the colors of choice for the everyday wardrobe. Don't get us wrong, we love sporting darker, wintery looks during the colder months, but let us not forget the importance of variation. Even if you aren't one for adding a bright, bold hue to your daily winter ensemble, don't be fooled into thinking there still aren't ways to mix it up.

Currently, we love highlighting the usual dark tops, dresses, and pants with a hint of neutral. Not only does it add variation, neutrals such as tans, creams, and beiges are so feminine and chic. Whether through prints or solids, neutrals are the perfect accent to our favorite little brown, black, and gray pieces. And we promise, they will keep you just as warm.

neutral coat

hat neutral

neutral 1

pattern neutral

Right now, Ellie has lots of neutral scarves, coats, and sweaters... and yes, we have plenty of black too! Take a look at our website and facebook pages for new arrivals and ways to mix up your winter wardrobe!

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