Monday, February 20, 2012

Rainy Day Revenge.


If you're down in the South, you are probably used to getting atleast one good soaking every week. And with spring rapidly ready to greet us, we can only expect plenty more rainy days in the coming months. Even in the midst of a rainy and gloomy in between season, there's no reason you still can't dress cute and express your style. Below we've found inspiration from some fashionistas who aren't letting the rain get the best of their wardrobe. We took that inspiration and paired together outfits here in Ellie that will be a little "rainy day revenge" if you will. Just add an umbrella and wellies and viola!

red rain


swirl umbrella


teal rain


floral rain


Ellie is weather ready... Come in and shop with us or shop online!

rainy day walk

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