Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Short Story

The fact of the matter is this: it's hot. Too hot for pants, too hot for sleeves. If you live almost anywhere in the US, you have a major heat wave going on at the moment. We understand - we're in Alabama. Seriously though, shorts are a summer staple and if for no other reason that this: they keep you cool and stylish. Accessorize with a wedge for night, with loads of bangles, necklaces, mix colors and prints. The options are endless. What we love are the array of styles that are hitting the shorts scene lately: cut offs, high waist, silky, lace, color, print, and we're obsessing over ALL OF THEM! 

If you haven't already, get yourself in on the trend. Here's how we love to style some of our favorite new arrivals in the shorts department. Enjoy! 

Available at Ellie Boutique

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  1. Okay, so I realize how old this post is but I REALLY want that top outfit! Anyway I can go about getting that?