Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making The Transition

As cooler weather approaches we are hanging by a thread for cooler autumn nights, a simple cool breeze, and a break from this summers heat and rain. When you make the transition from summer to fall there are a few key pieces to keep in mind: you can wear your favorite summer looks, just make it fall appropriate with the right color combinations and accessories. Your favorite summer shorts can instantly become fall appropriate with a slouchy sweater and chunky gold accessories. A new pair of skinny jeans (or your old time favorites) become transition appropriate with a cool fall hue such as plum. When thinking of how to dress for this time of the year, remember that in order to still stay cool in the summer heat without looking like you are headed to the beach, think about your colors, accessories and shoes. Pair long sleeve or quarter length sleeve tops with shorts, pair skinny jeans with tanks, and wear maxi skirts with loose and easy to breathe in fabrics. Fall is quickly approaching and we are holding our breath for the perfect autumn nights.

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